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[News] Park Minwoo on 'Roommates' says "Shinhwa's Lee Minwoo helped me debut like I was his brother" →



Actor Park Minwoo thanked Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo for all he’s done.

On the broadcast of SBS’s variety show ‘Good Sunday - Roommates’ that aired on the 31st, Park Minwoo visited with Seo Kangjun the restaurant he worked at before his debut. It turned out that Lee Minwoo’s sister owned the restaurant.

Park Minwoo said, “I arrived in Seoul dreaming of becoming an actor. I learned that one of the ways you could become an actor was to work at restaurants in Gangnam. That’s how I came to work here at this restaurant.”

Lee Minwoo’s sister said about her first impression, “I didn’t think he would be good.” Park Minwoo continued to recount, “I was cast for Flower Boy Ramyun Shop while working here.”

Seo Kangjun asked how much Park Minwoo had been paid by the hour, and Lee Minwoo’s sister answered that he was “paid a lot.” “He was paid over 10,000 won an hour,” she said.

Park Minwoo added, “I couldn’t find any way to realize my dream. I was about to give up when I met Lee Minwoo hyung. He took me in and cared for my diet, workout, and styles for 6 months. I feel so grateful toward him.”

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